A Deep Experience

It's a funny thing. People often emerge from their Restorative Hypnotherapy session saying, "Wow! That was so deep, I don't remember anything! But I know I wasn't sleeping."

It definitely feels different than sleeping. Lots of times we hear, "I never take naps during the day, it makes me groggy and even more tired when I wake up. But with this I feel super relaxed and energized, I could run a marathon now!" A woman said to me recently, "I saw my brother at a family reunion and he asked, 'What have you been doing? You look 10 years younger.' "Restorative Hypnotherapy," she replied happily.

I have a few things to say about what's going on, which I'll go into in more depth later. But one thing we do know for sure -- they're not just falling asleep like they do at home. We wouldn't still be in business 16 years later if they were.