A Headphone Holiday – It Gives Me Time!

A client of mine is quite busy. She runs her own holistic healing clinic, is married and the mother of two teenagers. Everyday at lunch she takes what she calls her “headphone holiday.” She goes into one of her treatment rooms, closes the door, lies down and listens to one of the recordings she has from our hypnotherapy sessions, about 40 minutes long. “Lisa,” she told me, “it gives me time. The tension in my back is gone and I have more energy and feel more positive in general. I’m getting things done easier. I’m not screaming at the kids and we’re getting along better. It gives me time!”

It doesn't have to be 40 minutes long, you can take a headphone holiday with 10, 20, 30 minutes too. A good place to start is with "Healing Relaxation," at only 20 minutes. Or "7 Minutes to Heaven."