Anxiety and Stress Relief

Restorative Hypnotherapy has helped so many people with panic attacks, anxiety and stress, and that it’s become our specialty. You can live your life with calm, clear thinking and inner security. Our work directly addresses the lifetime accumulation of fear and tension built up within, allowing you to experience feeling safe again,

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Weight Management


When clients come for help with managing their weight and eating habits, almost all of them already know what they need to do. The issue is, why aren’t they doing it? Most say that they need more discipline to resist cravings, more motivation to exercise, that they are lazy or weak-willed.

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Focus and Intention

As we cultivate and enhance our ability to relax and center we also dramatically increase our ability to focus our attention. By maintaining a consistent state of calm we are far better able to access our memory and best judgment. When we find our selves balanced we also maintain a connection with our intentions and more easily find ourselves on a clear path to what we want and need most.

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Eating and Body Image

This is an issue that brings more people to Mind Matters than any other. In most cases the obstacle is not our physical body but rather our old habits and behaviors. Further exasperated by our need to find a way to cope with the ever-present stresses in life we mistakenly look to food for comfort and relief.

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Confidence and Motivation

We all can use a bit more confidence and motivation. Have you ever met anyone who says that they have enough? The good news is that we can easily build more confidence and motivation by releasing stress and limiting thoughts. Through our profoundly deep trance work, freedom to be anything mindset and creative visualization experience a significant shift in just a few sessions.

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Sleeping Better

So many people young and old have issues sleeping. The truth is that most of us have forgotten what it feels like to experience deep sleep on a regular basis if at all. The good new is that we all have the capacity to sleep deeply. Using hypnotic trance is analogous to having a key to a lock.

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Public Speaking

Utilizing some of the same methods used for anxiety and stress relief as well as confidence and motivation we have found that anyone can become a compelling speaker. Most of us have a lot to say and in comfortable circumstances we feel free to express ourselves. What can be accomplished in a very short time with hypnosis is the creation of a state where opportunity to speak publicly becomes successful and fulfilling.

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Hypnosis & Complementary Medicine

Supporting Your Healing Process

Surgery Prep and Recovery
During the Procedure

Working with your Doctors
Testing with Calm

Preparing for the Best Outcome
Supporting Friends and Family

Healing from Cancer
Dealing with Heart Disease

Pain Control
Long Term Well Being

Getting to the Dentist
In the Dentists Chair

Hypnosis and relaxation therapies

Andrew Vickers and Catherine Zollman

A wide variety of complementary therapies claim to improve health by producing relaxation.

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