cPre-Session Instructionsc

Preparing for Change
Preparing for Success

Setting your intention

Before you arrive for your first session it is important that you have confirmed with yourself that this is a change your really want to make. Setting your intention to change and succeed is essential. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am ready to be free of cigarettes, to live my life fully free as a non-smoker.”

Congratulate yourself for taking this very important first step. You have made up your mind and can continue looking forward to your healthy, confident and relaxed success.

Having set your intention, follow the pre-session instructions listed below:

Before your session

Please be conscious of each cigarette you smoke until your session. Smoking is a very subconscious behavior, so bringing awareness to your smoking is an important part of your success.

Time how long it takes you to smoke a cigarette, how many drags you take smoking a cigarette. Really pay attention to how it feels to smoke, what it looks like, smells like, what emotions you are feeling that make you reach for a cigarette, and how do you feel after you smoke, both emotionally and physically.

If you have any cigarettes left bring them with you to your session. Clear out all the areas where you used to smoke, put away or throw away ashtrays, cigarette butts, make your environment a non-smoker's environment. Spend some time imagining yourself, to the best of your ability, as a confident, relaxed, natural non-smoker, at all times and in all circumstances. Remember, what the mind can conceive, you can achieve, so use those imagination powers! And please take some time to briefly write out your goals and expected benefits for hypnotherapy and email them to us before your session.

Please do not smoke prior to your session. It will be useful for you to come to your session with some fresh feelings of having quit or, with what some may describe as cravings. We will teach you powerful methods right away to work with those feelings so your first days smoke-free are easy and comfortable.