cCommonly asked Questions about Stopping Smokingc

Some answers to help you stopping smoking.

1. - Will I gain weight?

Actually. many people who have used hypnosis actually end up reducing weight after becoming nonsmokers! In our experience, the people afraid of gaining weight are those who gain the weight. You see, here is the predicament that most smokers often find themselves in who have tried to quit "cold turkey" (i.e., without any help or preparation): it is called a psychological "double bind". They hear over and over from others who have tried the cold turkey method that quitting smoking causes weight gain, so when they stop smoking they are scared of weight gain and so they either continue skipping meals like a smoker does or substitute junk food for cigarettes. The hitch is this: skipping meals or eating fatty junk foods with too many refined carbohydrates in products made from white sugar or white flour causes weight gain! So, without adequate planning, if you expect to gain weight you probably will. But it is not a cosmic law, you do have a choice. As an energetic non-smoker healthy food and moderate exercise are the best ways to boost your metabolism and keep your weight in check. You will look and feel better right away.

2. – Am I really addicted?

I can't stop because I'm addicted. This is simply untrue. The word "can't" is the problem here. The "Addiction Mindset" defeats the will, not the substance itself. What is the addictive substance in gambling or shopping? We have helped 2 pack a day smokers of 40 years walk out of our studio feeling like they have never smoked before in their lives. In fact, in 1997, secret tobacco industry documents revealed that the amount of nicotine found in most brands was not addictive enough, people were still able to stop smoking. So research was conducted at a lab in Oakland, CA on how to genetically alter the tobacco plant to produce even more nicotine! That did not work, so now additives are used to make nicotine become more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream instead.

3. – Is the smoking habit is more difficult to quit than heroin?

Do not fool yourself. It is not because nicotine is more addictive than heroin! Cigarettes are cheap, legal, readily available, glamorized in movies, not debilitating, and easy to use. Heroin is illegal, expensive, not very glamorous, very debilitating, and you have to stick a needle in your arm to use it. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why some junkies find it is easier to stop using heroin than cigarettes. The fact is, when the price of heroin goes down, the rate of heroin addiction goes up. So now that the price of cigarettes is rising, more and more smokers are quitting!

4. – Do I have to go through withdrawal?

As the body comes back to normal, often-new nonsmokers mistake both the natural fluctuations in their blood sugar levels and unfamiliar cravings for "withdrawal symptoms". Low blood sugar can cause irritability, nervousness, nausea, headaches, stomachaches, dizziness and cravings. They experience these symptoms because for quite some time they have substituted nicotine (an appetite suppressant and stimulant) for the normal craving for food! Ask a diabetic what it is like to have low blood sugar; for them the symptoms are quite severe. (75 years ago diabetics were locked up in mental institutions.) So the people who stop smoking suddenly, unprepared for the blood sugar issue, will relapse when their blood sugar dives because they rationalize that they are "addicted". The fact is, it takes 3 full days for the body to remove the nicotine; it does not happen all at once. Managing your blood sugar with 3 sensible meals a day and healthy snacks in between makes the process a whole lot smoother than you ever thought possible. The TRUTH is, you already know all you need to know about the dangers of smoking. It all depends on what you value in your life and what your priorities are. To become a nonsmoker, getting your subconscious mind involved is the key! It contains your emotions and habit center, your intellect does not. Why do you think cigarette advertising is now so restricted? Advertising works on the subconscious mind! You need to get the message to your subconscious mind in a way that it can help you, not sabotage your efforts. Hypnosis is the royal road to your powerful subconscious mind! With the help of hypnosis you can successfully become a nonsmoker, focus on eating right, start exercising again, improving your overall health, begin managing your blood sugar like every other nonsmoker does, and thus actually end up releasing weight as many of our clients do!