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By Abramenko P., Van Maldeghem H.

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But even without this more radical claim, we can wonder why we should believe an assertion the meaning of which cannot be consistently conceived. After all, no end of such assertions can be made. Smith himself rejects some assertions because of their incoherence, such as the assertion that "relativism is absolutely true" and the simultaneous assertion of both determinism and freedom. And Smith criticizes relativism for making an exception for its own case. But is not Smith implying that other positions should be rejected if they are found incoherent, whereas incoherences in his own position are no grounds for its dismissal?

Everything else is finally included within the infinite. To call the infinite ineffable is thereby to say that reality as a whole is indescribable. How then does this worldview provide us with orientation? I do not see how we can decide what is truly important, and what the right direction for our lives is, apart from some idea as to qualities, purposes, and values that are central from the divine perspective, or that are otherwise of central importance in the nature of reality. Smith tells us, however, that the divine reality is devoid of all purposes and qualities, and that reality cannot be described.

144 His hope for salvation puts him at the opposite end of the spectrum from liberation theologians. "146 Smith denies both that progress in essentials will occur in the future and that it has occurred in the past. "147 This denial is closely correlated with his view of the unimportance of time. If all important values are present from the outset, no essential progress can occur. Smith's rejection of progress is also closely related to his denial of evil. At the < previous page page_39 If you like this book, buy it!

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1-twinnings of buildings by Abramenko P., Van Maldeghem H.

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