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Acquired it for my GRE practise. no longer a lot support. i believe GRE is better point than this booklet. sturdy luck..

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C. d. rebellion currency sailor hassle wasteful democratic spiteful liberal 238. malign is most similar to stubborn careless substantial flimsy a. b. c. d. 50 evil malicious slander grandiose 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 239. impudent is most similar to a. b. c. d. 245. pitched is most similar to cautious haphazard gleeful insolent a. b. c. d. 240. vacillate is most dissimilar to a. b. c. d. 246. tepid is most dissimilar to decide teeter dilate please a. b. c. d. 241. kinetic is most dissimilar to a.

A. to assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry; alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear 128. b. fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to tell the truth 129. b. gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of interest or concern 130. b. ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense pain of mind or body 131. d. astute means shrewd or showing acute mental vision; gullible means easily duped or cheated 132. a. winsome means cheerful and engaging; dour means gloomy or sullen 133.

B. c. d. a. b. c. d. hire fold delay corner 172. lax a. b. c. d. 178. supervene ensure slack servant strive a. b. c. d. 173. rigor a. b. c. d. intervene overreach displace follow 179. exigent austerity rope fix excess a. b. c. d. 174. discrete a. b. c. d. imply fret assail recalcitrant urgent treatise miser expedient 180. fervid leave diminish squander distinct a. b. c. d. 35 delightful difficult obstinate ardent 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 181. ersatz a. b. c. d. 184. propinquity chaotic artificial impromptu vague a.

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