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By Amrit Pal Singh

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41: Structure of Echitamine Elymoclavine Source: Ipomoea nil. Molecular formula: C 16 H18 N2 O. 3. Melting point: 252 deg C. Biological activity: Not confirmed. 42 Structure of Elymoclavine Ellipticine Source: Ochrosia elliptica. Biological activity: Anti cancer. 43 : Structure of Ellipticine Emetine Source: Cephalis ipecacuanha. Molecular formula: C28H27 (CH3) N2O4. Biological activity: Antiamoebic. Ephedrine Source: Ephedra sinica. Solubility: A. Soluble in water and alcohol. Biological activity: Bronchodilator.

B. Less soluble in organic solvents. Biological activity: Convulsant. Rhynchophylline, Hirsutine & Mitraphylline Rhynchophylline: Source: Uncaria tomentosa. Molecular formula: C22 H28 N2 O 4. 52. Melting point: 216 deg C. Biological activity: Antihypertensive. Hirsutine: Source: Uncaria tomentosa. Molecular formula: C22 H28 N2 O3. 52. Melting point: 101 deg C. Biological activity: Local anaesthetic. Mitraphylline: Source: Uncaria tomentosa. Biological activity: Diuretic. 90: Structure of Rhynchophylline & Hirsutine Salvinorin-A Source: Salvia divinorum.

Slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. C. Insoluble in water. Biological activity: The alkaloid has potent gabaergic antagonist activity. 55: Structure of Hydrastine Hygrine Source: Withania somnifera. Molecular weight: 225. Boiling point: 169. 57: Structure of Hygrine Hyoscine Source: Hyoscyamus niger. Molecular formula: C17 H21 N O4. 39. 58: Structure of Hyoscine 3 Hyoscyamine Source: Hyoscyamus niger. Molecular formula: C17 H23 N O3. 41. Biological activity: Antispasmodic. 59: Structure of Hyoscyamine.

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