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By Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti

ISBN-10: 9889929627

ISBN-13: 9789889929626

This publication offers with the Buddhist theories of notion of the Abhidharma
schools, relatively the Vaibhasika and the Sautrantika-Darstantika. It
offers a wealth of knowledge from the Sanskrit and chinese language assets, of
which these from the Abhidharma-mahavibhasa and Nyayanusara are especially
valuable, being on hand merely in Classical chinese language translation.

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100 However, it does seem wiser to trust the commentators' opinion, not only because these ancient masters were much closer to the time of the AKB,101 but also in consideration of the following fact: The Sauträntika remark at the end effectively denies the reality of the äyatana-s — there is neither the internal ayatana as that which sees, nor the external ayatana as the object of vision. e. "102 For him, even the consciousnesses themselves do not exist as real entities: When the sütra speaks of consciousness as that which is conscious (yijänätiti vijnänam), it is not a discourse of paramärtha; it is a conventional one 23 ABHIDHARMA DOCTRINES AND CONTROVERSIES ON PERCEPTION (samvrti-desana).

The Därstäntika-Sauträntika doctrine of non-existent cognitive objects Contrary to the Sarvastivada position, the Därstäntika and Sauträntika maintain that the cognitive object may either be existent or non-existent. This notion seems to have been in existence among the Abhidharmikas since fairly ancient time. The *Säriputräbhidharma (T no.

89 JIABS, 362 f, 364 f. 90 Ny, 457c-459a. Samghabhadra raises three other points. 91 JIABS, 347. 25) remarks here that Vaubandhu's explanation on the laksana-s is very similar to YBS. We might also note that it is a Theraväda explanation in the Abhidhammatthasangaha-vibhavinï. 93 Kritzer himself remarks that he has not found any explicit statement in YBS that the category of asamskrta is not really existent (JIABS, 341). 2. SARVASTIVÄDA, VAIBHÄSIKA, DÄRSTÄNTIKA, SAUTRÄNTIKA AND YOGÄCÄRA 94 Ny, 347b.

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