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By Xuemeii Li, Jingyi Zhao

ISBN-10: 0939616165

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Acupuncture styles & perform is a realistic, clinically orientated exposition of conventional chinese language prognosis and acupuncture treatment. The publication contains 9 sequence of instances, every one dedicated to a kind of illness that's typically noticeable within the acupuncture health center: universal chilly, cough, dizziness, headache, again ache, painful obstruction (bi), wind-stroke, insomnia and palpitations. In all of the forty illustrative case histories the authors supply a step by step strategy for utilising the conventional chinese language diagnostic paintings of differentiation of styles to those scientific difficulties. greater than eighty charts graphically illustrate the cloth within the case histories, and every bankruptcy concludes with a diagnostic grasp chart.

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The patient does not have a red complexion or red eyes, nor does hecomplain of irritability; in fact, he displays a pattern of cold. Reten tion ofphlegm (present here) sometimes causes awiry pulse, thus the pulse is quite understandable. However, it mustbe keptin mindthat a weak Spleen could easily be attacked by an overactive Liver, thus the wiry pulse could be a warning sign of wood (Liver) invading earth (Spleen) in the near future.

Uimue** Treatment principle Selection of points Regulate the Liver qi, clear the heat, and calm the spirit. G-13 (ben shen) G-20 (feng chi) LI-11 (qu chi) through to H-3 (shao hai) G-34 (yang ling quan) Liv-2 (xingjian) Explanation of points G-13 (ben shen) clears heat and calms the spirit. The poor sleep and dizziness make this point most suitable. G-20 (feng chi) is the meeting point of the yanglmldng vessel and lesser yang channels. It helps clear the heat via the yang linkingvessel aspect. Moreover, from the lesser yang aspect the point can be used to resolve wind (both internal and external), which is helpful in regulating the Liver qi.

H-3 (shao hai) calms the spirit and clears heat from the lesser yin. G-34 (yang ling quan) is the sea point of the lesser yang. It helps remove the heat from the lesser yang and terminal yin channels, and also regulates the qiof these two channels. Liv-2 (xingjian) is a spring point and is effective in removing heat from the qi level. The use of G-34 (yang ling quan) and Liv-2 (xingjian) is well indicated when there is heat in either the Gallbladder or Liver. Follow-up Afterthe first treatment the patient felt much improved.

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