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Note that the pz QCD scale is not identical for all data. 4 respectively, at p2= Figure 7. AG/G vs xp. New COMPASS measurements (high 3 (GeV/C)’. For this given p~ low Q2=full red point, high Q2=full blue square, charm= shape COMF’ASS data triangle) compared to existing data and QCD fits to gl. exclude large values for the integral of AG. Note that recent RHIC Spin results on ALL (7t0 or jet production) [6] also favor also a small AG. * * 4. 1. Collins Asymmetry Three structure functions are necessary to describe the nucleon at leading twist: Fz(x), gl(x) and hl(x).

Contrib. to this conference 14. -H. , contrib. S. THORNE* Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London Gower St, London, WC l E 6BT, UK I discuss the current status of parton distributions. I outline the wide variety of different parton distributions available, and highlight which are either necessary or suitable for use at present. There are a large number of different parton distributions. If we consider the different types of particle which are partons we start with the quark model valence partons u v ( z ,Q') and dv(z,Q 2 ) .

Lett. B634, 173 (2006). 2. , A. , Phys. Lett. B639, 202 (2006). 3. , A. , Eur. Phys. J . C46, 27 (2006). 4. A. V. Landshoff, Phys. Lett. B478,146 (2000). 5 . , A. , hep-ex/0606003, submitted to Eur. Phys. J . C. 6. , A. , hep-ex/0606004, submitted to Eur. Phys. J. C . 7. , A. , hep-ex/0604022 , submitted to Eur. Phys. J . C. CTheresults shown here have been updated with respect to those shown at DIS'OG, to include the full e - p data. HIGHLIGHTS FROM ZEUS M. uk Highlights from the ZEUS experiment at HERA as of the DISOG conference in April are shown.

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Advanced High-Temp Reactor for Hydrogen Production [pres. slides]

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