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Even ahead of the e-book of exact Technical e-book 433 of the yank Society for trying out and fabrics, it turned noticeable that the short therapy given to the foundations and methods for sensory dimension and research of texture in that quantity was once all too short; therefore, a role strength of ASTM Committee E-18 used to be shaped to boost an authoritative and accomplished quantity in this most intricate and demanding topic to supply inside one disguise for the coed, researcher, and the foodstuff producer, a definition and an knowing of the topic offood texture, in addition to sensory and aim equipment for its dimension.

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J. Chem. Thermodynamics 27: 707–20. © 2002 by CRC Press LLC Chapter 4 DECOMPOSITION CHEMISTRY OF HIGH-ENERGY-DENSITY FUELS BY FLOW TUBE MASS SPECTROMETRY Z. Li and S. L. Anderson A method is described that allows study of thermal breakdown behavior of organic high-energy-density fuel molecules. In addition to stability vs. temperature results, the distribution of product species as a function of temperature is also determined. The method uses a microflow tube reactor to allow study of small samples.

18. Marchand, A. , I. N. N. Namboothiri, B. Ganguly, and S. G. Bott. 1998. Study of a vinylidenecarbene–cycloalkyne equilibrium in the D3-trishomocubyl ring system. J. American Chemical Society 120:6871–76. 19. Marchand, A. , Y. Wang, S. Alihodzic, and D. H. R. Barton. 1997. 010,14 ]tetradecane (HCTD)8. Tetrahedron 53:1257–64. 20. , D. -D. Martin, B. Mayer, T. J. Chow, A. P. -T. Ren, and M. N. Paddon-Row. 1991. 010,14 ]tetradecane system. Chemisches Berichte 124:2871–78. 21. Chow, T. -J. -J. -K.

32. Stine, J. R. 1981. Prediction of crystal densities of organic explosives by group additivity. Report LA-8920. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM. 33. Choi, C. , and E. Prince. 1972. The crystal structure of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. Acta Crystallographica, Sect. B B28:2857–62. 34. Cady, H. , A. C. Larson, and D. T. Cromer. 1963. The crystal structure of α-HMX and a refinement of the structure of β-HMX. Acta Crystallographica 16:617–23. 35. Zhitomirskaya, N. , N. T. Erernko, N.

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