Arthur I. Cederbaum, Elisa Dicker, Gerald Cohen (auth.),'s Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems-IV PDF

By Arthur I. Cederbaum, Elisa Dicker, Gerald Cohen (auth.), Ronald G. Thurman (eds.)

ISBN-10: 147571419X

ISBN-13: 9781475714197

ISBN-10: 1475714211

ISBN-13: 9781475714210

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1974). Microcomplement-fixation is typically used to measure the degree of immunological differences between a reference protein from one species and the corresponding EVOLUTION OF ALDEHYDE REDUCTASE 25 protein from another species. In the present study aldehyde reductase from D. melanogaster and from chicken were used as the reference protein in insects and birds respectively. The microcomplement fixation technique does not require pure heterologous enzyme. M. C. , 1974) followed by centrifugation and filtration of the supernatant through glass wool.

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Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems-IV by Arthur I. Cederbaum, Elisa Dicker, Gerald Cohen (auth.), Ronald G. Thurman (eds.)

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