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The ebook starts with the character and achievements of alexander the good, and maintains with the army and political violence of the successor-kingdoms that fought over his inheritancethis period observed many vital advancements: a shift from the oral to the written; a stream from the general public to the non-public and a brand new individualist ethos; a big progress in slavery, and accordingly a glut of slave-labour which destroyed the inducement to innovate; a becoming hole among wealthy and bad; a starting to be flavor for luxurious

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From here he moved west to a more hazardous encounter with a group of tough Illyrian tribesmen. While still engaged against them (late summer 335), he was greeted by the most alarming news from Greece. Despite the League of Corinth,s reluctant cooperation, despite all the talk of a Panhellenic crusade, no sooner had Alexander vanished into Thrace than a resistance movement, led by Thebes and Athens, went into action. urv ,o uoIlEurssESSEaql roy pe8uerre zvroueq 'sn1el1y rlll,trr lluep peq eq se 1sn( '1srrg 'urlrl IIEJrou prp Leqa 'eroteq re^au se pepaeu ararrr errd11 puE ecErqJ ur padeldsrp per{ repuexelv leql sseualrsrcap pue 'dlrnue8ut 'peads aq; 'euorq] ueruoPecEw aql roJ elsplpuec pe{caq-Ieel) alqe}cp -ard e sE^\ pue ecaar) ureqlnos ro1 elled qel peq 'seccrpra4 rer{lorq rapla s,drpqcl }o uos 'seludury '>lsrr }e sen peaqa8prrq aurluodsellaH Jrar{} :acro} acuelpe uuruopacew eq} uo arnsserd uouruew 'lereua8 fueuactatu d,reaq Surttnd servr 'sapoqA ]o 'ersy uI 'elsrecl (q petlddns plo8 lI Jo auros {eerD luerlluq e /lIoAeJ uado ur lno etuoc 'sueqlv ruor; troddns IEIOuEUUqulv\ pEq seqeqJ 'eqnuEc er{l rEeu suBrcPrqJ pIIA 1suI33EalllEq E ur lno padrr* ueeq peq ecrol l-reuortlpedxe eloqrvr'srrl puu rapue 'ssaultr*ede -xaIV e ^q pere^{ap pue pa8alp peure}spoolq tBI{} peer{ e o1 s8urq} seueqlsoureg dq pa8euuru-e8els 'lroder E sp^/v\ A)V CII,SINAIIAH {HI R IVAUD AHI UIICINI/XEIV Alexander and His Legacy the walls of Thebes.

Eumenes - the only Greek in this Macedonian conclave - was allotted Cappadocia, which had not yet even been conquered. These appointments reversed Alexander's policy of assigning less important figures to the satrapies and led directly to the dlsunity, and ultimate dismemberment, of the empire that followed. Finally, Roxane gave birth to the hoped-for healthy male child, who was enthusiastically acclaimed king as Alexander IV. There were now two heirs in Babylon, and Perdiccas together, technically, with his fellow'managers,' all now elsewhere - had them in his charge.

Never was advice taken more literally. After Philip's crushing defeat of Athens and Thebes at Chaeronea (ll8), the nonagenarian pundit, perhaps recalling his own words, committed suicide. But the damage had been done. Panhellenism gave Alexander a ready-made ideological launching pad for his own career of conquest, to be dropped as soon as it had served its purpose. w aql lua,rard ol elBI ool - ueaSev eqr ur uorlcE roJ pozqrqourar spr\. {39 pue uruoldqeg ur ,(pelncr}red Iltun tseal 1? rrordpue crlseudp 'an8rrlur ecepd yo porrad v letlv '98f.

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