Allied Secret: The Sinking of Hmt Rohna by Carlton Jackson PDF

By Carlton Jackson

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This can be the dramatic tale of the sinking of the HMT Rohna, which ended in one of many maximum variety of casualties suffered in WWII. the truth that the massive demise and the following cover-up of the main points surrounding it make for attention-grabbing and anxious interpreting. constrained guides exist at the topic, so it is a priceless source for historians.

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43These incidents were not the only "lucky breaks" on that voyage: Men whose names began with A-I generally were placed in the forward parts of the ship, with T-Z in the middle and J-S in the stern. The Rohna was hit just astern, behind the funnel. As others boarded the Rohna, they saw several British officers and Indian crew members bring animals on board, prompting seamen's superstitions of doom. The officers brought dogs, and the lascars, goats; someone actually led a small horse up the gangplank.

Project MX 108 at Eglin Field in Florida was conducted during late 1942 and early 1943, with scientists developing five-hundred-pound "azon" and " r a ~ o n " ~ guided bombs, complete with an empennage (a stabilizing tail) and autopilot. Its "mother plane" was a B-24, whose bombardier followed it down, guided by the flare in its tail, to its target. l0) By 1943 Dochtermann had become a part of KG (Kampfgeschwader, or Bomber Unit) 40/Gruppe 11, stationed at various southern parts of occupied France.

KMF-26 possessed more surface escort because many convoysupporting aircraft in the Mediterranean had been moved to the British isles in anticipation of Operation Overlord (leading up to D-Day in June 1944). Geography played a factor also. 2SApparently this Allied belief, in part at least, caused the RAF to downgrade air support for convoys going through the Mediterranean. Well before the attack on 26 November, one skeptical British sailor had already said, "Blow up your life belts. "26 The GIs on board the Rohna belonged primarily to the 853rd Engineer Aviation Battalion (793 men); others belonged to the 44th Portable Surgical Hospital (36 men); 31st Signal Construction Battalion (259 men); and 322nd Fighter Control Squadron (285 men).

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