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By David E. Apter, James Joll (eds.)

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The Weathermen and Charles Manson are the extremes. Everywhere in the counter-culture one finds people who are seeking to get back in touch with their capacity to shout, hit, face physical danger with courage, and feel. In many less destructive forms the recovery of the capacity for aggression on a human scale is a pressing concern. In California there are the cyclists, the serious admirers of Che Guevara, the new backwoodsmen, and the devotees of karate and other 'martial arts'. It is not difficult to see how the task of integrating the acceptance of violence into one's life becomes a somehow sacred task.

For, although th~ unions (including the CGT) in periods of social unrest become in France as they do in other countries 'a restraining factor' (the term is G. Lefranc's in 'Visages du syndicalisme frans:ais' in ReVill tk tlIjense nationale, January I969), the unions are too numerous, and have too litde influence over the bulk of the workers, to play a regulative role as well as in Great Britain and the USA. (Tram/aled/rom French) 33 Michael Lerner Anarchism and the American Counter-Culture NINE YEARS AGO GEORGE WOODCOCK SURVEYED THE 'GHOST OF THE historical anarchist movement' and concluded that there was 'no reasonable likelihood of a renaissance'.

Godwin wrote that The state of society is incontestably artificial; the power of one man over another must always be derived from convention or from conquest; by nature we are equal. The necessary consequence is that government must always depend on the opinion of the governed. Let the most oppressed people under heaven once change their mode of thinking and they are free ....

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