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But here too, the threat is not that Odysseus will be less of a man in an ethical sense. Rather, as Hermes explains, the threat is one of physical enervation that comes from being transformed into an animal under the influence of Circe’s pharmakon (Od. 284–91). 301), another indication that to be anênôr is a physical condition rather than an ethical one. 31 Glaucon says that the gods gave Bellerophon “bodily beauty and desirable masculinity” (kãllow te ka‹ ±nor°hn §rateinÆn, Il. 156). 32 The noun is also used to describe Ajax and Achilles who, “trusting in their masculinity and the strength of their hands” (±nor°˙ p¤sunoi ka‹ kãrteÛ xeir«n, Il.

1 the Corcyreans are said to be the first to dare (proutolmÆyh) commit the crimes connected with stasis. Cf. 3 tolmhr«w. 7). Cf. 5). See Huart 1968, 432–6 for a general discussion of forms of tolman in Thucydides. I agree with Huart that in the phrase tolma alogistos, the adjective is responsible for giving tolma “une nuance péjorative” (434). 1. 82, the action of the tyrannicides can be more accurately described as andreia philetairos because “it is precisely the phrase into which one could, with raw sarcasm perhaps, trans­ late the erotic relationships motivating the characters: these men were hetairoi and lovers”.

As a collective fighting force, men prove they are men by putting their bodies to the test at the behest and in view of their leaders. In other words, being a man is the effect of a disciplinary 23 Smoes 1995, 33–5 compares this admonition with passages in which men are rebuked for acting like weak women. ” Smoes refers to this as “l’aspect ‘sexiste’ du courage” (33). 185. ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 34 34   regime in which the collective actions of the troops are modeled on the individual actions of the hero or ‘best man’ (aristos anêr).

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