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By Robert Turner, Benjamin Rowe

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Oh God of all piety, Author and Foundation of all things, the eternal Health and Redemption of thy People; Inspirer and great Giver of all graces, Sciences and Arts, from whose gift it cometh: Inspire into me thy servant, an increase of those Sciences: who hast granted life to me miserable sinner, defend my Soul, and deliver my Heart from the wicked cogitations of this World; extinguish and quench in me the flames of all lust and fornication, that I may the more attentively delight in thy Sciences and Arts; and give unto me the desire of my Heart, that I being confirmed and exalted in thy Glory, may love thee: and increase in me the power of thy Holy Spirit, by thy Salvation and reward of the faithful, to the Salvation of my Soul and Body, Amen.

How these Orations are to be said every day once before the general Note, and the Notes of the liberal Arts. These 4 Orations are necessary for liberal Arts, but chiefly do appertain to Theology, which are to be said every day before the general Notes, or the Notes of the liberal Arts; but to Theology say every one of these 7 times to every Note; but if you would learn or teach anything of di ating, versifying, singing or Musick, or any of these Sciences, first teach him these Orations, that thou wouldst teach, how he should read them: but if he be a Child of mean understanding, read them before him, and let him say after thee word for word; but if he be of a good understanding, let him read them 7 times a day for 7 days: or if it be a general Note, pronounce these Orations, and the Virtue thereof shall profit you much, and you shall therein find great virtue.

Say this before the second Figure of Arithmetick: Oh God the perfect Judge of all good works, who maketh known they saving goodness among all Nations; open my Eyes and my heart, with the beams of thy mercy, that I may understand and persever, in these thy Heavenly Mysteries, Amen. 16. This Oration before the second Note of Geometry: Oh God, the giver of all wisdome and knowledge to them that are without sin, Instructor and Master of all Spiritual learning, by thy Angels and Arch-Angels, by Thrones, Potestates, Principates and Powers, by Cherubim and Seraphim, and by the 24 Elders, by the 4 Animals, and all the host of Heaven, I adore, invocate, worship and glorify thy Name, and exalt thee: most terrible and most merciful, I do humbly beseech thee this day to illuminate and fill my Heart with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, thou who art three in one, Amen.

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