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By T. S. Sudarshan, W. Reitz, J. J. Stiglich

ISBN-10: 0873392957

ISBN-13: 9780873392952

ISBN-10: 1861250002

ISBN-13: 9781861250001

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Conductivity in doped coatings must be balanced vs. transmission and refractive index for acceptable IR transmission characteristics. Appropriate film design will allow the achievement of this goal. 7 Electronic and Electrical Properties The two-network nanocomposites, a-(C:H,Si:O), are dielectric materials with dielectric constants ranging from 3-20. The dielectric properties of DLN coatings were determined by conventional C-V techniques using aluminum and gold electrodes. In doped DLN films, a-(C:H, Si:O, metal), unique combinations of electrical properties can be obtained.

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BEEMAN, J. SILVERMAN,R. R. ANDERSON: 'Modeling studies of amorphous carbon,' Physical Review B, 30(2), 1984, 870875. 10. J. TERSOFF: 'Empirical Interatomic Potential for Carbon, with Applications to Amorphous Carbon,' Physical Review Letters, 61(25), 1988, 2879-2882. 11. -P. M. NIEMINEN:'Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of the Growth of Diamondlike Films by Energetic Carbon-Atom Beams,' " Physical Review Letters, 68(5), 1992, 620-623. 12. Z. M. T. CHAN: 'TIGHT-BINDING MOLECULARDYN~MICS STUDY OF AMOrphous Carbon,' Physical Review Letters, 70(5), 1993,611-614.

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B0637 Surface modification technologies IX by T. S. Sudarshan, W. Reitz, J. J. Stiglich

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