New PDF release: Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics: An Introduction

By Edward A. Birge

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The numbers zero and one have special meanings, with zero referring to an event that never can occur and one referring to an absolute certainty. Although other systems are possible, for the purposes of this book, all probabilistic events can be characterized in one of two ways, either as 26 2: The Laws of Probability and Their Application to Prokaryote Cultures successes (s) or as failures (f). Note that there may be many ways to succeed or fail in a particular system. Example 2-1: If success means throwing a die (a cube on which each face bears a unique number from one through six) and having an even number turn up, then there are three ways to succeed and three ways to fail.

1979. Genetic recombination in fused spheroplasts of Providenee alealifaciens. Journal of General Microbiology 114: 313-322. E. 1966. A proposal for a uniform nomenclature in bacterial genetics. Genetics 54:61-76. D. 1979. The cell cycle of E. eoli, pp. 11-35. H. ) Developmental Biology of Prokaryotes. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. M. 1979. Factors affecting recombinant frequency in protoplast fusions of Streptomyees eoelieolor. Journal of General Microbiology 111:137-143.

If the order of the items is not important, then the sampie is one type of combination. , whereas the number of possible combinations is CN,n = N! / n! , where N is the number of items in the population and n is the number of items in the sampie. The frequency distribution of all possible combinations of successes and failures within sampies of a certain size is given by the binomial expansion (a + br, where a is the proportion of successes in the total population, b is the proportion of failures, and n is the sampie size.

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