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<p class="MsoHeader" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">Papercutting is an old, stylish paintings that dates virtually way back to the production of paper itself. In today’s multicultural global, papercutting embraces any variety of subject matters, designs, and pictures. it truly is an all-inclusive artwork that calls for few instruments and minimum fabrics.

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Anyway like many other children I would often draw adults with huge heads and small stick-like bodies. I suppose after a few hundred grotesque heads were stuck in my pram it was completely understandable! So children observe the things most familiar and important to them and often draw them larger and in greater detail than the things less critical - hence the large heads. It is no wonder then that during adolescence we find the human body observed and drawn in far greater detail and with less emphasis on the head.

Time:40min. GO TO ... htm (4 sur 4) [08/02/2004 16:51:02] Design and Proportion - The 'Golden Mean' DESIGN 2 THE GOLDEN MEAN or GOLDEN SECTION The 'Golden Mean' is merely a mathematical ratio usually discerned by the painter as the ratio of the larger side of a rectangle as it relates to the shorter. Derived by the ancient Greeks it can be constructed geometrically or expressed as a simple ratio, namely 1:1618... 618... is an irrational number. Both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians used the Golden Mean when designing their buildings and monuments.

In other words the sand color disappears. Every problem can be solved by a careful study of the photographs shown on the previous page or by another visit to the beach ... which is never a bad idea anyway! htm (2 sur 3) [08/02/2004 16:50:54] Painting small waves No. 2 The figures are from sketches I made and I added the swimming costumes and altered there colors and to give a more satisfactory color scheme. (A full view of this painting can be seen by pressing here. ) STUDENT ACTIVITY: Make your own study (drawing) of some simple natural event or thing such as a clump of grass, part of a grape vine, a fish pond, a pile of autumn leaves or a neglected corner of the garden.

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