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By Saul Mayzlish, Leon Charney

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The authors reached again into background to appreciate the explanations and strategies tremendous rabbis and Talmudic students deserted the Holy Land, either bodily and spiritually, to settle in what got here to be often called the lands of the Diaspora. This dramatic exodus was once opposite to the biblical injunction that every one Jews needs to reside within the land of Israel.

The conflict of the 2 Talmuds explains in nice aspect how the Babylonian students created their very own interpretation of the Torah that grew to take priority over that of the Jerusalem students. This e-book exhibits that each one people are topic in numerous how you can strength, glory, and guilt. It used to be energy, glory, and guilt that has effected the culture and scholarship of Judaism for the earlier 2,000 years.

The reader learns how those features intertwined in a good technique to make Judaism an everlasting and colourful religion.

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The academies or yeshivot (singular: yeshiva) of Israel were forced to downsize, and the corps of students 31 diminished. In the fourth generation of amoraim, it was already clear that because of the difficult economic situation and lack of opportunities for study, the public was not interested so much in matters of law, preferring instead to focus on legend, which acted as a palliative and was easier to comprehend. This ongoing decline reached such alarming proportions that the sages of Israel were forced to complete the project of compiling what came to be known as the Jerusalem Talmud (Talmud Yerushalmi), editing all the Oral Law on hand using any available means.

In Babylonia, the most popular method of disseminating Torah learning was through holiday sermons delivered in synagogues by prominent scholars and the heads of the academies. It is interesting to note that women also 32 participated in these public expositions. On these and other occasions, sages would explain legal (halakhic) issues, sprinkling their explanations with legends to hold their audience’s attention. They delivered their addresses in Hebrew, and a translator would convey their expositions in Aramaic, which was the language of everyday speech.

Several more chapters from the Jerusalem are lost as well, such as the final seven chapters of massekhet Niddah (tractate on women and the family) and chapter three of massekhet Makot (a tractate on punishment). Negotiations, which are plentiful in the Babylonian, do not exist in the Jerusalem Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud dwelt on every phrase that was not clear and interpreted it, whereas the Jerusalem Talmud did not. The Babylonian alone also tried to solve the contradictions between the beginnings and the endings in the Mishnah.

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