Download e-book for kindle: BEAT to a PULP: Hardboiled by Scott D. Parker (Editor), David Cranmer (Editor)

By Scott D. Parker (Editor), David Cranmer (Editor)

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And spareribs," Jun said. Another grunt. Gomyo slid around and grabbed a handful of steaming ramen. He choked the noodles down. "Hanzo's just left," Viper said. "Huh. " Gomyo slurped his udon. " He flung the bowl at Viper's feet, who danced back in time to avoid having his slacks splashed. Jun bowed his shaved head. "Boss, we found out why the pachinko parlor's been losing all its business. " Gomyo seemed to forget about his food. " When Jun finished, the boss looked puzzled. "But people don't win anything, playing this Paku Man?

Viper unscrewed the cap and shook out a large yellow pill. "Think of it as one of Paku Man's power pellets," Jun said, grinning. * * * It took Viper two days to infiltrate the Toyondai Short Haul Trucking and Delivery Company. Jun helped him forge his application, and Gomyo's union contacts, along with several hundred yen, pushed the paperwork through. "We'll need to make further arrangements to get you a shift," Jun said. At five the next morning, Viper found himself hurtling down the Metropolitan Expressway.

Her name is Gloria. " I swung around and got another look at her. " * * * The big guy standing outside the door to the backroom looked like a gorilla who'd lost all his hair and had a bad attitude about it, but when Amber smiled at him he lit up. "Amber! Been a long time. " Victor turned his eyes on me and stuck out a big right hand. "Victor Schlitz. " I shook his hand and we managed to avoid any of that macho see who can squeeze harder bullshit. "Ray Perkins. " I looked at Amber. " "He doesn't know the whole story yet," Amber said to Victor.

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BEAT to a PULP: Hardboiled by Scott D. Parker (Editor), David Cranmer (Editor)

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