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A. Ϫ(Ϫ9) b. Ϫ[Ϫ(Ϫ9)] c. Ϫ9 ϩ 0 In Exercises 5–8, simplify each expression. 5. a. 17 ϩ (Ϫ17) b. Ϫ17 ϩ 17 c. Ϫ␲ ϩ ␲ d. x ϩ (Ϫx) 6. a. 3) b. 3 c. e ϩ (Ϫe) d. Ϫy ϩ y 7. a. Ϫ6x ϩ 6x b. 6x ϩ 0 c. 6x ϩ (Ϫ6x) d. Ϫ6x ϩ 0 8. a. 2y ϩ (Ϫ2y) b. 0 ϩ 2y c. Ϫ2y ϩ 2y d. 0 ϩ (Ϫ2y) In Exercises 9 and 10, evaluate each expression. 9. a. 0 29 0 b. 0Ϫ29 0 c. Ϫ 029 0 d. Ϫ 0Ϫ29 0 10. a. 037 0 b. 0Ϫ37 0 c. Ϫ 037 0 d. Ϫ 0 Ϫ37 0 Objective 3 Use Inequality Symbols and Interval Notation In Exercises 11–16, insert make each statement true.

Graphing calculators and spreadsheets also have special keys or functions to represent some of the frequently used constants such as ␲. 1, the calculator screen and the spreadsheet show an excellent approximation of Ϫ2␲, but neither approximation is the exact value of Ϫ2␲. Note the difference between the calculator entry and the spreadsheet entry. The spreadsheet requires the multiplication symbol to be entered between Ϫ2 and pi but the calculator does not. Technology Perspectives will occur throughout the text and will integrate mathematical concepts with the appropriate use of technology.

5 Ͻ x Յ 3 d. Ϫ4 Ϫ3 Ϫ2 Ϫ1 0 1 2 3 4. Mentally Estimate Square Roots and Use a Calculator to Approximate Square Roots Although calculators are used frequently to approximate square roots, it is important to be able to make rough mental estimates of square roots. Before we evaluate some square roots, let’s examine the notation that is used. What Does 1x x Represent? For x Ն 0, the principal square root of x, denoted by 1x, is a nonnegative real number r so that r2 ϭ x. For example, 14 ϭ 2 since 22 ϭ 4.

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Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by J. Hall, et. al.,

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