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2 BOATS IN STORAGE. Initial inspection of boats received in stock is authorized without reference to PEO CLA (PMS 325). NAVSEA 9583/3, Figure 583-1-1, shall be completed for all boats received for stock. 583-19 S9086-TX-STM-010/CH-583R3 Boat stocking activities, such as Naval Supply Centers, not having qualified boat inspectors, should contact the local SUPSHIPS to arrange for inspection of boats received for stock. 1 Pre-Issue Inspection. Before issuing a boat from storage, an inspection of the boat shall be made by an individual experienced in boat repair and fleet requirements.

Because most alterations required in boats can be readily accomplished with a small expenditure of funds, most BOATALT’s issued are to be accomplished either by forces afloat or an Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA). Occasionally, BOATALT’s are issued that are of a complex enough nature that they will have to be accomplished at a depot level repair activity. 6 FUNDING. BOATALT and AER accomplishment is funded from OPNAV directed Operation and Maintenance, Navy (O&MN) accounts managed by Support Commanders.

1 NEW BOATS. S. Navy boat storage activities pending assignment to new construction ships or replacement for existing boats that qualify for disposal. A special inspection is accomplished by PEO CLA (PMS 325) upon arrival at the stocking point to ensure compliance with contract requirements and identify any shipping damage which may have occurred to the boat. S. government inspection activity or the construction yard as government furnished equipment. 1 Warranty Period. S. government representative.

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