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? Wenn die Musik der Liebe Nahrung ist, spielt weiter. " (Shakespeare, used to be Ihr Wollt). Die Musik ist nicht nur eine Freude für die Ohren; sie ist auch das Echo des Herzschlags, des Atems und des Verlangens. Professor Döpp deutet die Musik als Katalysator für Tanz, Liebe und intercourse. Vom Notenblatt, über den Tanz bis hin zu den Instrumenten ist die Musik der Ausdruck unserer tiefen Sehnsüchte und stärksten Leidenschaften.

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Reliable ebook licensed via The Vatican Museums. This quantity brilliantly illustrates the whole heritage of papal patronage and amassing — the only longest and such a lot influential gathering culture within the Western international. The items variety from historical Greek vases and sculptures to fashionable works via Henri Matisse and Andre Derain.

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The humanities of the lndian subcontinent and of these surrounding lands that fell less than its creative impression are center given an unmatched pictorial therapy. the sumptuous illustrations and informative textual content of this booklet hold the tale from the earliest proof of civilization at such websites as Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa within the 3rd millennium b.

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E Lewis U O Y ID na D ented the dle Lewis Carroll’s characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are still some of the most popular in the world. © Craig Lovell/Corbis 48 © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. inv nd mid Dodgson his first a g in k ta y d Carroll b twidge, an arolus harles Lu C sC , a s e n m ti a a n into L m e th g n ed them translati he revers n e h T . s u back into Ludovic the Latin d te la s n and tra English. LEWIS CARROLL The Man Who Cre N ated Wonderl and ot many people curl up in their favorite chair to read a math book.

Known for her commanding presence onstage. She has acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company and other major theaters. Dench has also played modern roles during her stage career. She created the role of the odd but lovable Sally Bowles in the first London production of the musical Cabaret (1968). But Shakespeare has been her specialty. Outside Great Britain, people probably know Dench best for her role as the stern spy chief “M” in the James Bond movies. Dench’s first film, The Third Secret, appeared in 1964.

Entertaining mixture of dancing, singing, comedy, and magic acts. When Basie was about 23 years old, he went to Kansas City, Missouri. It was there that he formed his first jazz band. Basie’s nine-piece band was distinct because it highlighted the rhythm instruments. The bass fiddle, drums, guitar, and Basie’s piano became the core sound of his music. Basie had once played bass himself, and he developed a four-beat “walking” style of Count Basie in 1982. rhythm. This even beat provided a light, simple, © Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis and relaxed musical foundation.

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