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Rapid flux in design is the very antithesis of this. If a manufacturer in- much about the nature of the aircraft industry. The automobile makers in 1937 turned out some 1,500 times more units than did the aircraft builders and did the job with a labor force only eight times larger. To be sure, the automobile is less complex than the airplane, but the explanation for the difference in production efficiency is indicated in the different wage patterns of the two industries. 65 This spread may reflect troduces major design changes in each successive aircraft turned out, efficient production in the sense of large-quantity fabrication by repetitive machine process is patently impossible.

Significantly, aircraft manufacturers in the United States were primarily concerned with production tools that cut costs. Those that emphasized labor reduction or high-speed output but involved higher costs remained little exploited until the arrival of a war market. , see H. A.

Down the center of this area ran an aisle 15 feet wide. Railroad sidings and truck platforms brought in raw materials at one end of this structure where electric trucks hauled color-coded tote boxes from department to department as fabrication progressed with aluminum machining on one side of the main center aisle and steel machining on the other. 70 For a discussion suggesting some of the considerations that led the aircraft engine industry into successful production ahead of the airframe industry, see A.

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