Download e-book for iPad: By Bread Alone by Lester R. Brown and Erik P. Eckholm (Auth.)

By Lester R. Brown and Erik P. Eckholm (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080197949

ISBN-13: 9780080197944

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Thirty-year-old mothers who look sixty. * Most children in the poor countries suffer from protein malnutrition at one time or another. Even children who received adequate protein while being breast-fed often experience protein deficiencies after weaning because of the changeover from mother's milk to a diet of cheap, starchy, easily digestible foods, like cassava, yams, and bananas. The stomachs of young children will not hold enough of these bulky staples to provide an adequate supply of protein.

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By Bread Alone by Lester R. Brown and Erik P. Eckholm (Auth.)

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