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By L. Seiler (USAF)

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Field strength decreases as the burst height of the hypothetical in curves Fig. in Fig. The neneral 200 Km, and 300 Kr. v 100 K-,, Fin. to observe the effect cn the peak 6 for trend of the height of the lower yields, increases. Exanination 6 imolies that the maximjm EMP sigFor nal qenerated by any given yield depends on the height of burst. example, using the curves in maximum EI4P from a Fig. 6. it could be concluded that 1 Kt gamma yield would occur somewhere between 60 Km and 200 Km and for a burst heiqht wouI4 be less than Purpose Is An essentially a = 2 (10)8 identical and S = 3 fields vs yield in (46) with a Kt oaryia yield, (10)8.

C. A Ccenuter Code for Hinh Altitude EMP, JrightPatterson AFB: Air Force Institute of Tecnoloay, January 1974. (GNE/PiH/74- I ) 4. E. A. Wittwer. sistent H;,h Altituco Electrocan'netic PulieCalculations to Preionization and I-•rcvedSource and loriz:•ion 'odels. AFtL EMP Kirtland AFU: Air Force keapons Laboratory, 1ý3. Tneoretiial hte October 1973. 5. C. Burst", DNA 3029T, 6. Evans, 1966. 7. Katz, L. S. Penfold. "Ranqe-Enerov Relations for Electrons and the Determination of Beta-Rav End-Point Enernies by Absorption", Reviews of t'odern Phvsics, 24-1:2R-4h (January 1952).

This is however a very worst case. 5 MeV. 9 shakes. 3 gauss, which is often the case, the time limits above will be doubled. 4 shakes. As the electron energy increases, the length of the confidence interval will also ;ncrease. Electron Collision Frequency general approaches have been taken to In previous ENOmodels tiuo find a value for the air conductivity. The first uses Eq (30) and assumes a constant collision frequency scaled to an exponential atmosphere. This approach tends to limit the usefulness to a rather narroa range of ga"o'ia yields if accurate answers are desired.

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