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By James C. VanderKam

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Calendars within the useless Sea Scrolls explores the proof in regards to the diverse makes use of of time-measurement within the lifeless Sea Scrolls, the Hebrew Bible and different historical Jewish texts. James C. VanderKam examines the pertinent texts, their resources and different makes use of to which individuals positioned calendrical info within the Christian international. He argues that the scrolls point out dispute concerning the right calendar for courting gala's used to be one of many significant purposes for the separation of the authors of the scrolls from Jewish society.

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The next passage which is significant for the present purposes occurs in the paragraph about Enoch, the seventh antediluvian patriarch (4:17–25; cf. Gen. 5:21–24) whom the writer presents as the pioneer in astronomical matters: He was the first of mankind who were born on the earth who learned (the art of) writing, instruction, and wisdom and who wrote down in a book the signs [cf. Gen. 1:14] of the sky in accord with the fixed pattern of their months so that mankind would know the seasons of the years according to the fixed patterns of each of their months….

We should not overlook the fact that the Books of Maccabees do make an important contribution to the festal calendar in that they introduce the festival of Hanukkah. The eight day holiday was first celebrated in connection with the rededication of the temple in 164 BCE, after it had been profaned for some years as a result of Antiochus IV’s decrees against Judaism. The participants in the celebration decreed that Jews should observe the same eight days every year after this (1 Macc. 4:36–59). The eight days of Hanukkah, which begin on Chislev (the ninth month) 25, are perhaps modeled on King Hezekiah’s rededication of the temple in 2 Chr.

Texts such as the five listed above were available to experts from the early years of Qumran studies, and they showed that, while the details of the group’s way of reckoning time were not stated in so many words in the scrolls, the calendar was an important topic in the history and life of the community. As matters developed, the relatively sparse givens in the first texts available provided enough information for scholars to elaborate entire theories about calendars in the scrolls—theories that in some cases have been confirmed by the newer evidence from cave 4 texts.

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