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Intersect the initial header air quantity 12,000 cfm as shown, at point A. Read 24 in. 62 in. wg loss per 100 ft of equivalent pipe and 3800 fmp. Enter these values on high velocity calculation form. (Fig. 56). 4. 124 in. wg. 5. Size duct section: From point A on chart, project thru point B and C to the 10,800 cfm line at point D. 6. Determine equivalent length for section 2: Actual length = 20 ft. One 5-piece 90° ell = 24 ft. Total equivalent length = 20 + 24 = 44 ft. 7. Determine pressure loss in section 2: Project vertically from point D to reference line, point E.

Part 2. Air Distribution | Chapter 2. Air Duct Design TABLE 6 – CIRCULAR EQUIVALENT DIAMETER,*EQUIVALENT AREA AND DUCT CLASS† OF RECTANGULAR DUCTS FOR EQUAL FRICTION. ) Part 2. Air Distribution | Chapter 2. Air Duct Design TABLE 7 – RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM DUCT VELOCITIES FOR LOW VELOCITY SYSTEMS (FPM) TABLE 8 – VELOCITY PRESSURES NOTES: 1. 92 in Hg and 70 F) 2. Data derived from the following equation: hv = ( V 4005 )2 Where: V = velocity in fpm. hv = pressure difference termed”velocity head” (in.

Tables 10 and 12 are used to determine the losses thru the fittings. The following list is a tabulation of the total equivalent length in this duct run: DUCT SECTION To A A–B B – 13 -13 – 14 14 – 15 15 – 16 16 – 17 17 – 18 ITEM Duct Elbow Duct Duct Elbow Duct Duct Duct Duct Duct Total LENGTH (ft) 60 20 30 20 20 20 20 20 210 ADD. EQUIV. LENGTH (ft) 12 7 19 4. 145 in. 33 in. wg 100 ft Total static pressure required at fan discharge is the sum of the terminal operating pressure and the loss in the ductwork.

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