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For the ratio R on the other hand the uncertainties due to the primary 52 cosmic rays and the error in the calculation scheme cancel out and one has only about 5% error for the sub-GeV and about 10% error for the multi-GeV neutrinos [67]. 2 Results from the Super-Kamiokande ˘ The Super-Kamiokande as described before is a large water Cerenkov detector. It contains 50 kton of ultra pure water, divided into two concentric cylinders. 5 ktons, has its surface lined by 11,146 inward facing 50cm photomultiplier tubes and 1885 outward facing 20cm photomultiplier tubes.

1) This process is called Hydrogen Burning and is responsible for the hydrostatic equilibrium of the Sun. 1) is carried away by the neutrinos. The rest is in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which diffuses out from the core to the surface of the Sun, getting degraded in frequency to appear as sunlight. It takes millions of years for the photons to emerge from the Sun due to interactions with the solar matter. As a result of these repeated scatterings, the photons cannot give us any direct information about the core of the Sun.

45) 6 Note that for the purpose of simplicity of presentation we show the expressions where the phases have been averaged out to zero. 35). 39 Hence from eq. 45) we see that the νe regeneration inside the Earth depends on 1. The adiabatic factor PJ : RE is maximum for PJ = 0, decreases with increasing PJ , hits the minimum (RE = 0) for PJ = 1/2 and changes sign for PJ > 1/2. Which means that for PJ > 1/2 we have further depletion of νe as they pass through the Earth. 2. The value of cos 2θm : We can see from eq.

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CAS-CERN-ECFA EPS Workshop on New Devels in Particle Acceleration Techs (VOL 1)

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