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Restorative Hypnotherapy

Restorative Hypnotherapy is a unique synthesis of three powerful modalities for transformation and healing – hypnosis, meditation and yoga – working together to release deep tensions and holdings in the whole body-mind through profound physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

This is a radically different approach — no forcing,

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Through our years of study and personal experience, we’ve come to agree with Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine, when he wrote, “For this is the great error of our day, that the physicians separate the soul from the body.”

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help individuals overcome unwanted habits,

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The ultimate purpose of practicing meditation is to experience the essential oneness of you and the entire universe. But you don’t have to want enlightenment to benefit from it. You can practice meditation as mental development, honing your concentration powers and an ability to stay focused on whatever you want,

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Yoga & Restorative Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ comes from Sanskrit, the scriptural language of ancient India, and means “to yoke” or “to unite.” Dating back to 2000 to 4000 B.C.E., yoga practices are designed to help the individual experience wholeness. Ancient yoga texts present teachings that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fall asleep? How do I know I’m not just falling asleep?

‘Hypnos’ is the Greek word for sleep, but it’s not sleep in usual sense of the word. For many of us, sleep occurs when the conscious mind and body lose consciousness out of sheer exhaustion while still holding onto physical,

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