Relieving Morning Anxiety

A woman called for help with severe anxiety that was starting as soon as she got up in the morning. She couldn’t come in for a session right away, so I sent her a recording and suggested she try using that to start her day. I got an email from her a a couple months later:

“Listening to the recording you sent me, that 20 minute rest and relaxation body scan that resets your fight or flight response, has been LIFE CHANGING! I used to get up and first thing check my email, then I’d jolt my system awake with strong coffee. Now I have hot water with lemon and then I lie down on a heating pad {she has some muscle pain issues} and play the recording. Only after that do I check my emails and get started with work. I’m so much calmer now during the day. My pain levels have gone down and I just feel grounded and more focused and stresses roll off my back a lot easier.”

(FYI: She's listening to "Healing Relaxation," available in our store.)