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RESTORATIVE HYPNOTHERAPY Weekly Group Session, led by Lisa Hubler, incorporates meditation, gentle yoga and hypnosis. It is designed to assist you in strengthening your resolve and manifesting your intentions, while simultaneously releasing the physical, mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of your progress. Decompress from your week and get ready for a good time on the weekend!

Please bring a blanket or travel throw and small pillow.
Suitable for mature teens to seniors.

We are looking for a new location for this weekly group. We will let you know when we find a suitable location. In the meantime check-out our events page for one of our workshops taking place in the coming weeks.

Phone winner

When I began phone sessions with Lisa, my life was a mess. I was stuck in negative patterns of addiction and laziness. Although I was ready to change, I was unable to get out of first gear. After only the second session, the negative thinking and unhealthy patterns began to subside. In a matter of weeks, I not only got out of first gear but went into overdrive. I was cooking, cleaning and began rigorously working a 12-step program.