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Custom CDs are an invaluable way to enhance your in person or telephone sessions. They can also be made to your specific needs without requiring a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, through written intentions and telephone discussion.

As a monk and daily meditator

Wonderful! – Lisa Hubler is a gifted and brilliant hypnotherapist. this is no over statement. As a monk and daily meditator of 13 years, I felt pretty well acquainted with myself , and i also believed that i could resove any internal difficulty through meditation. This past year i realized i could no longer "manage my own internal affairs" i needed help with depression and grief, my meditation was stagnant. On the suggestion of a friend i went to Lisa. I was quite skeptical initially. But the results of my first session were so amazing that i continue to see her as often as i can. She has helped me tremendously. One obvious result is an increase in overall energy and a greatly improved outlook as the treatments have helped me to shed baggage. Lisa is receptive, confident ,gentle and discreet . Her intuition and skill have to be experienced to be believed. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Also for a minimal fee she will make a CD of the session

for you to take home. Get the CD. It is so helpful.

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