cCustom CDsc

Custom CDs are an invaluable way to enhance your in person or telephone sessions. They can also be made to your specific needs without requiring a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, through written intentions and telephone discussion.

Easy Weight Loss

I first met Lisa Hubler several years ago when I attended a series of classes combining yoga and hypnosis for weight loss. I had become frustrated with my own efforts to manage my weight. As a long-time yoga practitioner, I was interested to see how the two disciplines of yoga and hypnosis would interrelate. After the series, I was pleased to notice that it became easy to say, “No” to unhealthy foods, and as I lost weight, I reflected back on the series and decided that hypnosis had made the difference.

Late last year, I decided that I needed a hypnosis “refresher” to keep me from drifting back into stress-related eating patterns. The timing was fortuitous, as I was planning to undergo surgery within a couple of months, and the focus of the sessions shifted to preparing me for that procedure. Having never been in the hospital, let alone ever had surgery, I had some concerns and anxiety about the procedure. Lisa’s hypnosis sessions helped me to relax, not just during the session, but on a lasting basis as I prepared for the procedure. Lisa recorded one of our sessions so that I could listen at home, both before and after the surgery. I even brought it with me and played it during the operation. The surgery went smoothly; I had almost no anxiety beforehand, minimal discomfort afterwards, and my doctors all commented that I didn’t look like someone who had just had surgery. With my aversion to doctors and hospitals, I’m amazed to have such a positive perspective on the experience. I know that Lisa’s hypnotic suggestions supported my own desires to heal my body and relieve my anxiety.

Lisa is very caring, very respectful, very supportive, and very knowledgeable. She applies her education and her experience to tailor a program to meet your needs. She is always interested in your experience under hypnosis and what she can do to adjust the process to meet your needs. The hypnosis experience itself is deeply relaxing, and it’s worth it just for that reason. You reach a deeper, more completely restful state than you do when resting or sleeping, releasing all of your cares and worries and allowing yourself to relax on every level.