cCustom CDsc

Custom CDs are an invaluable way to enhance your in person or telephone sessions. They can also be made to your specific needs without requiring a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, through written intentions and telephone discussion.

Free at last

Free at last – I just turned 40 and I gave myself a great gift. I became a non-smoker. After years of going back and forth stopping and starting again I finally found an easy way to put cigarettes behind me forever. I had tried almost everything but nothing worked until I went to Mind Matters and worked with Lisa. After an enlightening conversation followed by a profound session of hypnosis I knew that I would never smoke another cigarette. Knowledge is power and following such a clear presentation compounded by the most wonderfully hypnosis I will never see cigarettes as I once did. Not only have I rid myself from cigarettes for good but I now feel the power to make positive changes in other areas of my life. Thank you Mind Matters, especially you Lisa.