cCustom CDsc

Custom CDs are an invaluable way to enhance your in person or telephone sessions. They can also be made to your specific needs without requiring a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, through written intentions and telephone discussion.

Life changer for me

Pretty sure this changed my life – I went to four sessions in total with Lisa to work on my fear of public speaking. I was pretty sure that my fear was holding me back in my career since I used to flee any potentially stressful situation where I would have to speak or read out loud. After two session I started a new job and thrived - all the sweatiness and pulse pounding that I was used to just disappeared when I spoke. The result was that I could take leadership positions, and that was noticed by one of the higher-ups. He recommended me for a dream job - I listened to the CDs from the sessions that I did with Lisa the day before the interview and nailed, and they offered me the job. Am I totally cured? - I don't know yet, I haven't had to speak at a wedding or get onstage for anything yet, but in business meetings I feel like a different person. I can actually plan what to say and not what to do so that I mask my nervousness. Life changer for me. Lisa was great. The CDs recorded from our sessions are priceless to me.