cCustom CDsc

Custom CDs are an invaluable way to enhance your in person or telephone sessions. They can also be made to your specific needs without requiring a Restorative Hypnotherapy session, through written intentions and telephone discussion.


Nothing compares to it – Suffering for over 5 years with chronic, 24-HOUR migraine pain (a phrase well worth rereading), I was desperate by the time I began treatment with Lisa only 7 sessions ago. Although a lot of healing had occurred in the 5 years, and daily pain levels had diminished to a low-to-medium level, I lived with a constant energy deficit from the draining effects of the pain. I also lived in a state of frequent anxiety from having to cram all of my former life activities into the three days I was allowed to take painkillers each week.

From the first session I experienced the most profound state of relaxation and healing I have ever known. Keep in mind that out of desperation I had already tried every therapeutic technique known to California man: acupuncture, cranio-sacral work, body work of all types, rebirthing, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Chinese herbs, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and homeopathy in addition to weekly talk therapy. None of it compares to the deep healing of a session with Lisa in which she essentially recreates the womb experience in taking you to ever deeper levels of wellbeing. My energy levels immediately began rising, I have been sleeping fewer hours but more soundly. Perhaps best of all, her suggestions to the unconscious regarding intrinsic safety and promoting trust in my own healing process have reduced the constant emotional stress and anxiety of living with chronic illness. I have also begun to see some reductions in pain levels and believe this therapy directly addresses the autonomic nervous system's need to remain in a state of fight-or-flight when it has been locked in chronic pain for so long. I cannot recommend her work too highly.

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