cGroup and Company Sessionsc

Previous groups have used the Mind Matters method for weight loss, stress reduction, motivation, creativity, smoking cessation and cancer healing support.

Lisa and Dale are kind, wonderful people

I met Lisa Hubler and Dale Jaffe at a local yoga center where they were teaching a workshop on Yoga Nidra. This class was transformational in itself and was only a hint at what working with LIsa one on one in her studio 'A Mind Matters', could do to radically improve my life.

After the very first session of hypnosis and hypnotherapy I felt a major change in the quality of my life and after each session the changes for the better were just as strong, Her method of hypnosis is amazing, I had tried hypnotherapy before but it was nothing compared to this. LIsa really listens to what is going in my life that I and then tailors a wonderfully relaxing and yet highly effective hypnosis session. Each session is recorded and you have the option of taking a cd home to listen to. I highly recommend using the cd's daily as the transformations are nothing short of incredible. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost nothing now, weight has dropped off, my relationships have improved dramatically and work has picked up. I look years younger and get a lot of compliments, sleep through the night and wake up feeling totally refreshed. Youth and beauty in a wonderful session! Do you need any more reasons to book?! I will definitely continue to visit Lisa as I really feel these are so life enhancing and without her help I don't see how I'd have made the progress I so wanted to make. When you call to make a booking you'll be so intrigued by her calm manner and wonderful voice.

I strongly urge anyone wishing to make any changes in their life or if you'de like 'a general well-being tune-up ' to call and make an appointment. Lastly but most importantly Lisa and Dale are kind, wonderful people who really do care about their clients.

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