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Previous groups have used the Mind Matters method for weight loss, stress reduction, motivation, creativity, smoking cessation and cancer healing support.

Relapse in my depression

I recently went back to Lisa for a relapse in my depression. It was triggered by an outside source and as soon as I started to feel it trickiling back into my life I knew I had to go back to Mind Matters. And I am so glad I did, because I am in an even better state that I was even before the depression relapsed. The first session I had with her turned off the fight or flight mechanism in my brain, however I was still living with some amount of stress and anxiety pain. The original hypnotherapy session I had actually got me dealing with it on a level that I couldn't before. I was able to handle it and not let it negatively affect my life, therefore I was able to live freely again. However after this second session it's almost as if the pain has pretty much disapeared. I feel like a new person, like who I was before life started to drag me down. I actually find myself able to be bored again. I used to panic from being bored in the past, and I don't anymore. Lisa also helped me with some major inferiority issues/self confidence problems. I feel like a much more confident woman now that I had my second session. This place is honestly such a blessing and I will continue to see Lisa whenever life throws something at me that I feel I can't handle.

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