cPrivate Sessionsc

A private session with Dale or Lisa includes discussion of your intentions, goals and needs, meditation and/or self-hypnosis instruction, education and exercises to optimize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development as needed, and 40 minutes to an hour of Restorative Hypnotherapy. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long and are the most effective way to rapidly experience transformation, healing and realization of your goals.

Professionally recorded CDs of your sessions are available for $20 and are recommended for those who wish to deepen their practice and further enhance their progress between appointments.

House calls are also an option. Please call us to discuss your needs.

The Most Amazing Experience Ever

The Most Amazing Experience Ever. Let me first say that I went to Lisa being very skeptical of Hypnotherapy, but open to what Lisa had to offer. Ironically, my first session was a Christmas present from a boss that was stressing me out, which is why I was there to begin with...stress. I had success with he first session, but didn't go back until a year later.

After being unemployed for 5 months last year, I was having money troubles. I had a session with Lisa and we explored how I thought about money (negatively) and how I am emotionally standing in the way of my own positive cash flow. During the session, I started to realize how my life was cluttered and all the sudden, with a drive I didn't have before, I cleaned house and got rid of things I didn't need...I stopped blocking good things from happening. About 3 weeks after the session, I got a call from a company I have been trying to work for for 4 years, offer me a position and at the end of March I am estimating that I will be paying down half ($9,000) my credit card debt in just 3 months. I don't know how it is happening, but I am enjoying the progress.

I had another session last Saturday to deal with my musicianship. Having pursued music for 19 years; I was tired of getting in my own way. After the session, I can tell a difference with my guitar. I feel more creative and a drive that matches my passion. I feel like I can now learn, grow and develop with a fresh pair of ears and now that I am no longer in my way, I will develop to my full potential. I can memorize music easier and have restablished my love for music.

I will be going back many times over. I see the progress and can chart the changes. I am not the same person I was a year ago and I am excited to see the person I am allowing myself to be...one without fear or stress. Lisa quoted a great Yogi during my last session. She said, 'A relaxed mind, is a creative mind.' That sums up what she does...just helps you relax and release anxieties that get in our way.