cPrivate Sessionsc

A private session with Dale or Lisa includes discussion of your intentions, goals and needs, meditation and/or self-hypnosis instruction, education and exercises to optimize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development as needed, and 40 minutes to an hour of Restorative Hypnotherapy. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long and are the most effective way to rapidly experience transformation, healing and realization of your goals.

Professionally recorded CDs of your sessions are available for $20 and are recommended for those who wish to deepen their practice and further enhance their progress between appointments.

House calls are also an option. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Better than a massage

I went in to Lisa for help with binge eating disorder. After my first session with her, I noticed many changes. My overall thoughts towards myself changed and I was no longer thinking so negatively about myself. After years of psychological therapy, I saw more results following one session with Lisa than my many years of therapy combined. Working with Lisa has given me many techniques that aid in relaxation. It has also helped improve my outlook on life overall. At first, I was more interested in fixing the problem. Now, I'm striving to improve myself as a whole person. I'm choosing to eat much healthier foods and exercise more, which helps decrease binges, stress, and emotional problems.

I highly recommend at least trying one session with Lisa. Although the cost is pretty high, it's close to what you might pay for a couple of spa treatments at a nice spa. Honestly, I felt more relaxed after my sessions with Lisa than I did after any massage!