cPrivate Sessionsc

A private session with Dale or Lisa includes discussion of your intentions, goals and needs, meditation and/or self-hypnosis instruction, education and exercises to optimize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development as needed, and 40 minutes to an hour of Restorative Hypnotherapy. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long and are the most effective way to rapidly experience transformation, healing and realization of your goals.

Professionally recorded CDs of your sessions are available for $20 and are recommended for those who wish to deepen their practice and further enhance their progress between appointments.

House calls are also an option. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Truly A Great Experience And Well Worth The Price

I initially went to this company to find balance and to curtail my excessive drinking. But what I wound up with was far more profound -- not only did I find and MAINTAIN personal balance (even through a tumultuous breakup), but I quit smoking AND I lost all my excess weight! EFFORTLESSLY! I cannot believe it -- actually, I DO believe it. There is profound change that can be found here, and I recommend it to all my friends. Lisa & Dale really know what they're doing; and not only that, but long after the sessions end, the changes keep occurring. Everything happened on a level of "intent" and not force... therefore, the changes last and endure.... they're deep on the inside. I would encourage anyone to test it and see.

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