cPrivate Sessionsc

A private session with Dale or Lisa includes discussion of your intentions, goals and needs, meditation and/or self-hypnosis instruction, education and exercises to optimize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development as needed, and 40 minutes to an hour of Restorative Hypnotherapy. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long and are the most effective way to rapidly experience transformation, healing and realization of your goals.

Professionally recorded CDs of your sessions are available for $20 and are recommended for those who wish to deepen their practice and further enhance their progress between appointments.

House calls are also an option. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Four sessions with Lisa

I had four sessions with Lisa and she is absolutely amazing! She is the one of the most warm, caring, and understanding people I have ever met. I had previously been to another hypnotherapist which kinda made me skeptical of the whole process, but I decided to give it another shot and thankfully I did. Lisa helped me work through my crippling issues of anxiety and low confidence during some of the most important times in my life.

She truly is skilled as a hypnotherapist and has a unique technique of individualizing her sessions and incorporating/ introducing new approaches to each session. Her voice is so calming; some of the best naps I've ever had were on her couch! Lisa's not only skilled, she truly is caring. I'll never forget how she took the time to call me before and after I took my nursing boards to remind me that I was capable and to trust myself. Now I've graduated, earned my license, and got the job I interviewed for; looking back, I know I couldn't have done it without her sessions and guidance. Lisa has made such a profound effect on my life; I cannot thank her enough.