cTelephone Sessions, Private or Groupc

For our out of town friends and those unable or unwilling to leave the house, telephone sessions are available with Dale or Lisa. This can be done privately or with a group by teleconference. There is also the option of purchasing a professionally recorded, customized CD of your Restorative Hypnotherapy experience.

Please call for a free telephone consultation on how telephone sessions can work for you, your group or your company.

A Miracle!

A Miracle! – Lisa isn't just a hypnotherapist, she's a miracle worker. I went to see her for help battling an addiction to diet pills and got so much more. After the first session alone I felt like a different person. She really takes the time to get to the root of the problem and genuinely cares about her clients. Lisa's energy and insight helps to reprogram your way of thinking to something much more positive. She also gives you tools to deal with everyday life that are simple and easy. My world is a better place because of her and I tell everyone I know to go!!!