cTelephone Sessions, Private or Groupc

For our out of town friends and those unable or unwilling to leave the house, telephone sessions are available with Dale or Lisa. This can be done privately or with a group by teleconference. There is also the option of purchasing a professionally recorded, customized CD of your Restorative Hypnotherapy experience.

Please call for a free telephone consultation on how telephone sessions can work for you, your group or your company.

Good Bye Anxiety... Good Bye Sleepless Nights

A Mind Matters was a true blessing for me. I had been experiencing some really bad anxiety as well as having extreme difficulties sleeping. I heard about Lisa through the grape vine and figured at that time I was willing to give anything a shot. I had no previous experience with hypnotherapy and didn't now what to expect at all. I should have known from the first time I heard Lisa's voice on her answering machine she was going to be able to help me. She has the most soothing and relaxing voice I've ever heard. I even called back after I left a message, just to hear her voice again. Since every individuals experience with hypnotherapy is different... I'm not going to get into the details of the treatment I received. What I will say is that my anxiety and sleepless nights are gone. Not only that, but I now have the tools to cope with them should they re-surface again. The techniques you learn can be used in many aspects of your life. Lisa is a phenomenal hypnotherapist, therapist, healer, person, etc. and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Lisa.

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