cTelephone Sessions, Private or Groupc

For our out of town friends and those unable or unwilling to leave the house, telephone sessions are available with Dale or Lisa. This can be done privately or with a group by teleconference. There is also the option of purchasing a professionally recorded, customized CD of your Restorative Hypnotherapy experience.

Please call for a free telephone consultation on how telephone sessions can work for you, your group or your company.

I have lost 18 pounds!

Lisa -

I just wanted to tell you how much your work has meant to me. You have truly helped me change my life. I ended up weighing myself the other day because people kept saying how thin I look and thanks to our sessions, I have lost 18 pounds! All that without dieting! You are such a gem - I feel so grateful to have met you and I think about it every day. Please know that what you do is so special and lifechanging. Thank you so much. I will see you again soon.

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