cTelephone Sessions, Private or Groupc

For our out of town friends and those unable or unwilling to leave the house, telephone sessions are available with Dale or Lisa. This can be done privately or with a group by teleconference. There is also the option of purchasing a professionally recorded, customized CD of your Restorative Hypnotherapy experience.

Please call for a free telephone consultation on how telephone sessions can work for you, your group or your company.

As a monk and daily meditator

Wonderful! – Lisa Hubler is a gifted and brilliant hypnotherapist. this is no over statement. As a monk and daily meditator of 13 years, I felt pretty well acquainted with myself , and i also believed that i could resove any internal difficulty through meditation. This past year i realized i could no longer "manage my own internal affairs" i needed help with depression and grief, my meditation was stagnant. On the suggestion of a friend i went to Lisa. I was quite skeptical initially. But the results of my first session were so amazing that i continue to see her as often as i can. She has helped me tremendously. One obvious result is an increase in overall energy and a greatly improved outlook as the treatments have helped me to shed baggage. Lisa is receptive, confident ,gentle and discreet . Her intuition and skill have to be experienced to be believed. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Also for a minimal fee she will make a CD of the session

for you to take home. Get the CD. It is so helpful.

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