Spencer S.

Bit of desperation

I came here out of a bit of desperation in not being able to sleep very much/well due to a huge amount of stress. I had been to hypnotherapy in the past, and knew it would help. I was looking for someone in my area and read other Yelp reviews to help me find a place that would work for me.

Lisa's sessions are more unusual because they are two hours long (normal therapy sessions are usually a measly 50 minutes). The first hour you just talk and get comfortable and let her know what you really need help with. Sometimes, behind the issue you think you need help with is something more serious you need to work out. She helps figure this out with you.

For the second hour, she tucks you into this big, cushy soft chair and places warmed bean bag pillows under your arms, hands, neck and legs. Then she puts a blanket over you, an eye pillow over your eyes and headphones on your ears. She has a natural, soft, calm voice that lends itself very well to hypnotherapy.

Lisa was so calm and patient with me, and listened intently to everything I had to say. WIthin 10 days following my session, I was sleeping! I still had a few "off" nights, but as time went on, I started sleeping normally.

The session is yours, just for you. You talk about things *you* want to talk about, work on *your* issues, or you just relax and switch off. It's like a little vacation for your overworked brain. You'll relax and you'll feel really, really good.

I came to Lisa five times in 2013, each time for something different. Opt for having her send you the mp3 of the session so you can listen to it at night. This is a huge help.

I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, and will continue to visit her, even if I just need a "maintenance" visit.

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