Anxiety + Stress Relief

Restorative Hypnotherapy has helped so many people with panic attacks, anxiety and stress, and that it's become our specialty. You can live your life with calm, clear thinking and inner security. Our work directly addresses the lifetime accumulation of fear and tension built up within, allowing you to experience feeling safe again, from the inside out.

In our years of seeing clients, we have found that most people have already intellectually worked out many of their issues through therapy, journaling, talking it out with friends and thinking it over. What remains to be dealt with is the actual energy of the old fears and traumas that is held deep in the body-mind. Restorative Hypnotherapy works by gently releasing this stored up fear, locked in the body with defensive tension, through the process of very deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation, coupled with hypnotic suggestion. Almost everyone feels immediate relief and a greatly increased flow of positive energy and emotion.

Over and over again, clients have told us that they have stopped taking "as needed" anti-anxiety and stress control drugs, often after the very first session. Many have reported that panic attacks stopped altogether after only one or two sessions, and while there still remained progress to be made, that alone very powerfully illustrated to them that they were on the right track in securing their peace of mind once again.