The most beauty inducing trance work, ever, both inside and out. Not only do I feel fantastic inside, having released all this old emotional shrapnel, I feel beautiful on the outside. I get compliments like “what have you done differently? you look beautiful!”. Lisa has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.
— R.H., Redondo Beach

I came to Lisa while I was studying for the California bar exam. I was skeptical because I didn’t know what hypnotherapy was, but it was a great experience. Lisa really helped me stay calm and be more confident in myself with her recordings. I did three sessions and they were worth every penny. Listened to them every night leading up to the exam and during the exam nights and, low and behold, I passed!

Would definitely recommend. Thank you, Lisa!!
— Meeghan, Azusa

I met with Dale and have now been a non-smoker for a the day.
His warm, kind and compassionate approach really helped me and made me feel safe and hopeful through the entire process.
I don’t really have many cravings and I was an everyday smoker for almost 20 years.
I highly recommend A Mind Matters and Dale for quitting smoking. It was a pretty painless process thanks to them.
Thank you, Dale! I am forever grateful :)
— Lindsay, Los Angeles

Lisa is so wonderful! I have gained so much from coming here! Has broken down anxiety walls to help me in my acting career! Highly recommended.
— Leanna, Los Angeles

Lisa and Dale are incredibly helpful. Not too long ago I was experiencing panic attacks on the freeway. Lisa helped me learn to reduce my stress through meditation and relaxation. To this day I have never needed to take Xanax! Thanks!! :)
— Anna, Glendale

I am updating my review, as 4 years have passed since my first session with Lisa. In total I have seen her 3 times. I am so impressed that my anxiety symptoms have gone away after years of suffering. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have rated my anxiety level around a 4 prior to seeing her, and the slightest amount of stress would send it closer to a 7 or 8. Now I am at a pretty constant 0 and can handle stress very well.

Do not hesitate to call Lisa—she will make you feel calm and safe.
— Mushigaga, Los Angeles

If I could give Lisa 10 stars I would. I’ve battled insomnia for nearly 7 years and have done it ALL. This was my last resort and I’ve been off meds and sleeping like a baby for 2 months now. I’m incredibly thankful!!!!!! The sessions are amazing! I couldn’t recommend anyone better! Thank you Lisa so much! I’m forever grateful!
— Loren, Los Angeles

It’s been years and I’m still not smoking.

My brother finally decided to quit smoking a few months ago and asked me for Dale’s info. It’s been a couple months since, and he is also now a non-smoker!

Thanks for helping to add years to our lives, Dale.
— J.P. Los Angeles