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At Mind Matters Restorative Hypnotherapy we synthesize the power of suggestion of hypnosis, the calm and focus of meditation and deep yogic relaxation to help you rapidly achieve the positive results you desire. Not only will you feel a profound shift in your mindset from the beginning, you also experience a ground floor realignment deep in your being. Layers and years of tensions and fears are released with each session, leaving you lighter, freer, healthier and happier, connected to your natural resources of calm, confidence, energy and inner security. 


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Our Method

Restorative Hypnotherapy is a unique synthesis of three powerful modalities for transformation and healing – hypnosis, meditation, and yoga – working together to release deep tensions and holdings in the whole body-mind through profound physical, mental and emotional relaxation.



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Hubler Restorative Hypnotherapy Training

In this 10-week course we will explore hypnosis, meditation and yoga, both individually and collectively, as practiced at Mind Matters. Lots of experiential learning! Great for a professional change or for yourself.